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I am currently working on a web series at the moment and it’s really challenging because it’s heavily sfx make up based and I’m self taught in that area.

On this episode we had to do 3 bald caps for alien characters. The first two I had help with another artist who has had some experience in doing bald caps, which was awesome because by the time the 3rd actor had to be done up I had to do it on my own. I think I did a pretty good job for first time plus having only a short time to get him ready for camera .. The back is a bit dodgy but I wasn’t too stressed because they wouldn’t see the back, I think the front looks pretty neat for a latex cap. Anyway I’m proud of it and I’m glad I had help for the first two actors.

Big ups to Lauren moorhouse for wrapping the actresses hair that went literally past her knees and teaching me the ways of the bald cap.

And Aya Arakawa for helping us both out to get these actors camera ready and for general cute awesomeness.